Finding the Right Life Insurance for You

Finding the right life insurance coverage depends on your needs. And understanding the different types of life insurance makes it easier to decide which type is best for you.

Term Insurance

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is often considered the lowest costing life insurance, and if your insurance need is only temporary, this may be true. Term insurance premiums stay the same for only a limited number of years, however, and increases in premiums can be substantial as you age. Term insurance generally does not offer the opportunity to accumulate cash value. Term insurance usually offers coverage for 10 to 35 years only and some companies will renew your contract at the end of your term, but a much higher premium.

Index Universal Life

Life Insurance you don't need to die to use......


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Plan For Today... Life insurance is a powerful financial tool that can be used to protect and secure your family’s future if you should die too soon.

Life insurance you don’t have to die to use Accelerated Benefits Riders are optional, no-additional cost riders that can allow you to access all or part of your death benefit, while living, if you experience a qualifying terminal, chronic, or critical illness, or critical injury. 

LIVING BENEFITS Critical Illness 

What qualifies? Critical Illness includes:


• ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) • Aorta Graft Surgery • Aplastic Anemia • Blindness • Cancer • Cystic Fibrosis • End Stage Renal Failure • Heart Attack • Heart Valve Replacement

• Major Organ Transplant • Motor Neuron Disease • Stroke • Sudden Cardiac Arrest
Critical Injury includes: • Coma • Paralysis • Severe Burns • Traumatic Brain Injury

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LIVING BENEFITS Critical Illness  or Critical Injury

What qualifies?


A doctor has certified, within the past 12 months, that you are unable to perform two out of six “activities of daily living” for a period of at least 90 consecutive days without assistance, or that you are cognitively impaired. Activities of Daily Living;

1. Bathing

2. Continence

3. Dressing

4. Eating

5. Toileting

6. Transferring


Receiving your benefit Generally, the rider needs to be in force for a period of 30 days. There is an annual limit on the amount of benefits you can receive. There is also a lifetime limit on the amount of benefits you can receive across all Accelerated Benefits Riders.

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LIVING BENEFITS Terminal Illness

What qualifies?


Generally, if you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness that will resultin death within 24 months of certification of the illness by a physician.Receiving your benefit The benefit payment will be a lump sum.


There is no waiting period or annual benefit limit, but there is a lifetime limit on the amount of benefits you can receive across all Accelerated Benefits Riders.


Here if you need it You can elect to either:


  • Request the full acceleration, on a discounted basis, and use the lumpsum as you wish.

  • Choose to leave a portion of the policy’s death benefit intact and receive a partial benefit.

  • Choose to leave the entire policy intact for your beneficiary.

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Whole Life Insurance

offers guaranteed level premiums,1 death benefit and cash value. Policy values have the potential to be enhanced through dividends 2 paid by the insurance company.

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Indexed Universal Insurance

offers premium flexibility and an adjustable death benefit with the ability to earn interest based in part on the change in value of a major market or custom index, without directly participating in the markets. •  Variable Universal life insurance offers premium  and death benefit flexibility and offers the potential for securities market-type returns on the policy’s cash values.

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